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Drawing confidence by means of clarifying of activities based on safe and developer Competition, also responsibility of experts and activists in economy is a solution that guarantees the success in fields of business and investment without any risk. Gannjine Atieh Company, also by respecting to this principle, will follow its missions that are upgrading recourses and playing commitments to shareholders, production of wealth by mixing Profit and added value, ideal Profitability and using national potentials for optimized investments. Yet we are determined to this opinion that we should to fulfill the goals of changing to one of best holding companies in country by means of supplying expert and responsible man powers, not in dimensions of unachievable aims but as a necessity and introduction to future developments. So I give all beneficiaries glad tidings that constantly we attempt to develop this organization in order to retain a permanent and reliable name in field of national economy. According to commandments of supreme leader of Islamic Republic of Iran this year are named as "economy and culture with national intention and Jihadi management", there for best important activities of this company will be accomplished applicable to his guidance, since to play effective role in fulfilling the economy and culture with national intention and Jihadi management. Gannjine Atieh Company in way of carrying out undertakes to shareholders, will take actions by creating and developing economic fortunes in order to attract investments. Developing communications and economic exchanges and increasing penetrability are other goals that will be performed to upgrade competition power and playing ideal role in business space.

Abdol Reza Ahmadi
CEO & Chairman of Board

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