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Ganjine Atyieh Company in order to preserve and promotion of real value of shareholder's stocks, emphasizing on moral and Islamic values as a base of safe competition and respecting to creators and encouragers of investment, announces its mission as follow and makes it epigraph for all its activities: Applying all its attempts and power in order to preserve and improve and promote the sources and commitments to shareholders. Producing wealth in form of mixing profit and added value resulted by investment in primary and secondary markets with short time, medium and long time approaches. Believe in necessity of ideal profitability for shareholders as only way to continue of company's economic life. Chang to an active and effective holding in capital market. Use of ideal investment fortunes with necessary abilities in national level.

Vision of the company

  • Chang to one of 10 best holding in proficiency

  • Gaining higher levels of management, technological and human source abilities

  • Safe location for shareholders to investment

  • The best safe holding company for investors in order to supplying longtime profit

Ideal goal

  • To Preserve and promote the real value of Reserve Fund of Tehran Municipality Employees at the best mood

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Tehran - Iran

No.26 - Seventh Street
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Telephone : 42582310-42582312
Fax : 88721348
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