Oil, Gas and petrochemical products

Iran as second oil producer of OPEC, with potential of 11% of the world oil and 18% of natural Gas reserves has many potentialities for investment in this domain. So Gannjine Atieh Company by spreading its activities is trying to play an expanded role in different economy domains. Focusing attention of high level managers to Oil, Gas, petrochemical productions, spreading of occupation in oil industry and Gas and spreading of communication with other countries also expanded competition with active companies in these domains in order to achieve fifth five year plan aims and twenty year vision economic program of the country are considered as goals of Gannjine Atieh Company.

Civil and Construction Domain

As one of the main business domains in the country that play an important role in the field of occupation and construction and development of the country, concentrating on civil and construction domain has been one of the most important strategies of the company in order to develope activities and creating value added for investments of the shareholders. In order to enforce the mentioned strategy, the company scopes and implements the concentration on commercial, administrative and residential projects, in medium and large scale. The large commercial-administrative of "Shemshad", located on Heravi Sq, with 13 levels and in a 2700 square meter land, the commercial-administrative project of "Haghighat talab" located in Sepahbod Gharani Sq, with 23 levels and in a 2390 square meter land, evaluating dozens of projects like subway station projects and etc. are most important projects of the company in this domain.

Capital Market Domain

The capital market of the country, as one of the most productive capital markets of the world, has been defined as another main domain of company's business. By attracting expert human capitals, some effective measures have been implemented and the yield of the company's activities in the capital market has been higher than the stock market index and average yield of joint investment funds, and positive performance of this unit, on several times, has led increase of the assigned budget to this sector. Development and promotion of the activities of this sector have been scheduled.

Industries and mines

Gannjine Atieh Company as one of successful and profitable investment companies in Iran has mission to emphasize on its skills at limitation of country's economic development programs and policies and introduce itself as a creative and developed company by creating new plans. Therefore in order to play an effective role in country's economic development at Industries and mines domain, reinforcement of human sources adopted to necessary abilities to company's developing and life, verification of income sources and distributing risks and investment in new mine discovery in Iran.

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